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The tool that will change the way you apply caulk, forever.

This tool is light weight, easy to use, versatile, cost efficient and saves money. It will change the way you apply caulk forever, saving you money, time on the job and eliminating the need for 10 oz. cartridges. The unique controlled flow design (letting up the trigger stops the flow) not only gives unprecedented accuracy of application, but eliminates waste. The perfect bead with no more stops and starts, overfills and breaks. It allows you to caulk in those previously hard-to-get places, and continues to bead with accuracy down to the last drop in the tube. Vertical caulking, up the wall and across the ceiling in an uninterrupted bead. It is lightweight, easy to use and fits most 5.5 oz. and 4 oz. tubes.

FormFill Caulk Gun CGRegular price: $19.88Sale price: $13.00

FormFill Caulk Gun

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