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Solid Maple Dovetailled Hi-Back Roll Out Tray

Solid Maple Dovetailled Hi-Back Roll Out Tray

These are made to order, pre-finished, 5/8" thick solid maple dovetail, Hi-Back Roll Out Tray boxes. They are sized to fit the older Merillat cabinets that came with particle board Roll Out Trays, but are not made by Merillat. These are very high quality trays with a clear UV finish, that will outlive your old ones many times over. Installation instructions are included.

Merillat cabinets typically had one Roll Out Tray installed in the middle position of the base cabinets. The back of the cabinet came pre-drilled for another Roll Out Tray in the lower position. If you are using these new trays to replace existing trays, you can re-use your existing track. If you are installing these in the lower position you will need to order a new set of track (MDSL24) from the link below. If you order new track, with a new Hi-Back Roll Out Tray, enter coupon code HBROT during check-out and get $16 off the track (1/2 price).

These trays are 6" high in the back, 2-1/2" high in the front, and are 21-3/4" front to back. If you are replacing a worn out tray, simply order the same width. If this is a new installation, just order the tray that is 1" less than the door opening width. Don't forget to order the track if you need it. It is NOT included.

You might want to also consider using one of standard Dovetail Wood Drawer boxes as a roll out tray. They are finished on all four sides. They aren't quite as "stylish" but are totally functional.

Made in the USA.

HBROT$101.84Roll Out Tray width: 

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Solid Maple Dovetailled Hi-Back Roll Out Tray

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